Newspapers are slowly being phased out I believe, but until they are replaced by the internet and social media for good they have to be delivered to customers by someone. Some newspaper routes are still covered by some young local kid or teen trying to make an extra dollar, but many routes these days are covered by adults in cars, like my niece and I, and not kids on bikes. I have delivered a few different newspapers over the years but theses days have don’t deliver for myself, but when my niece needs me too, I help her by being her driver on her routes. She delivers the one day a week local community newspaper. We have driving route, this is because it is all out in the country and farm and rural areas and could never be done in a day or even a week on a pedal bike. We drive through the neighborhoods and toss the papers to the driveways or put them in newspaper tubes, we only have a few customers where we get out and put their papers on the porch because they are elderly or disabled or it’s a special request, but for most of our routes we never leave the truck. I drive and deliver to my side of the road, and my niece will roll the papers put them in the bags and deliver to her side of the road. We have a pretty good routine and it works for us. Now you see the paper we deliver is free to the customers so everyone gets a paper unless they are on the “do not deliver” list and then of course we skip giving them a paper. We listen to the radio and talk and do our job, and even though we have a gazillion papers and it makes for a long day we make the best of it, but some delivery days are nothing short of exhausting and nerve-wracking and we want to pull our hair out by the end of the day.

Now I can hear your thoughts from here, you are thinking how hard can it really be to deliver a newspaper and especially a driving route out in the country like ours is. Well that is where the idea for the Paper Chronicles came to be. You see it is like every week on paper day, without fail, we always experience something crazy or weird and anything that can go wrong will. Once again remember this is a free paper. It is paid for by the advertising that goes into it and then provided to the customers for free. We get paid to deliver it. Most of our customers look forward to their weekly paper, and those that don’t want it will either call in and tell the office or catch us on paper day and let us know they don’t want it, no big deal right, WRONG!!!!! We have been screamed at, spit at, had things thrown at us, been shot at, and a million other things all over a free newspaper that they could stop the delivery of at anytime with just  a quick phone call or by catching us in the neighborhood and nicely telling us that they do not wish to receive a paper. Why it is so hard for some people to grasp this I don’t know and why the site of that paper lying in the driveway or in the paper tube drives some crazy and makes their blood boil I don’t know but I thought I would share some of these stories with the world. Some are funny, some are crazy, some are sad, but very entertaining. I hope you enjoy them. Maybe by sharing our stories people will come to realize that no a paper fairy does not come and deliver your paper to you!


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