Well I for one will be glad to be putting 2016 behind us, only this one last month to go! My year started pretty crazy and chaotic and has been a wild ride! We have had ups and downs and made it through some pretty tough losses! It seems this year is going to go out kicking and screaming but maybe that means that finally 2017 will be a pretty mellow year.

December is always pretty crazy for most people it’s to be expected, but damn! Today is only day four, and already I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have had to rearrange our apartment a few times in the last couple of days and probably will have to at least one more time because we got a bunch of new furniture and while that is really cool, we have more to come and I have to figure out where to put up a Christmas tree. I am very thankful for the furniture that was given to us, it is a wonderful blessing, but I am getting to old for these shenanigans!

My daughter was in her first accident as a driver yesterday, and of course being my daughter she can’t do anything half~ass! Nope my beautiful girl has to think she is auditioning for the next movie in “The Fast and the Furious” series and rolls her Chevy blazer over onto the driver’s side at six am! Okay, in her defense, some jerk did run her off the road on a really bad corner that is CLEARLY marked as a no passing zone. He passed her anyways and then cut her off getting back into the correct lane running her up an embankment and causing her to roll over! I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the news. I am still really freaky about cars since my Dad died in a horrific car accident in April of this year.I am very thankful that she is okay because it could have been so much worse than it was. Yep they may take an ass kickin’ but my Kiddo and her blazer get right back up and kick back! She walked away with only a sprained wrist and with a little time to settle it’s nerves and a jump her Blazer started right up!

Well for the moment the daughter is okay, but that does not mean it is time to relax, nope! Without skipping a beat off to the hospital we go fighting Friday night rush hour traffic, as we argue with the younger kids about why a birthing room is not the place for them to just sit around and kick it. We tried to explain to them that they would get bored and babies can take hours and sometimes even days to come and so they would be much happier at Grandma’s house eating pizza and watching movies than sitting around the hospital with nothing to do, they were not convinced. What they were convinced of was how horrible and mean and unfair we were, and I think they were pretty sure that we were really sneaking off for some grand affair that they were missing out on! We get them dropped off and are all sitting and waiting for baby to arrive, who by the way still has yet to make an appearance, and we are all starving and thinking how lucky the kids were to be eating pizza and watching movies, or so we thought!

Just as the baby avoids the monitors for the hundredth time, my brother’s phone rings and it’s my Mom. Seems that while the kids have settled down to their dinner and movies, they now have an unwelcome guest. Her old neighbor who was moved out of her apartments for being off his meds and as equally off his rocker, out of the blue shows up after two months of being gone and invites himself to dinner at my Mom’s! Wrong move buddy! I have nothing against people who have mental health issues, heck half the time I think I am crazy, but I have plenty of experience with nut jobs and have run out of patience to deal with them. My mom looks for the good in everyone and judges no one, but this man is really starting to make her feel uncomfortable and unsafe in her own home and I will be damned if that is going to happen on my watch! This guy picked the wrong Mamma to mess with! Problem is now I pretty much am going to have to go stealth mode in order to figure out where he is coming and going from because no one can figure it out! We would buy Mom a gun but she would never use it, I think she needs some pepper spray at least!

Oh and there still is no baby yet……

Every year at this time of year we get together in our family and make wreaths in honor of loved ones who have passed. Each wreath turns out unique to the each person and could never be found in a store made so uniquely. We have some food, and of course spiked coffee, always makes for an interesting decorating party of women! Today was that day, and it was a lot of fun. It was great to put stress and worry aside for a couple of hours and remember our loved ones who have passed with love, fun, and laughter. All the wreaths turned out beautifully and we all left with smiles on our faces. Now what happened between leaving and getting home, about fifteen minutes give or take, I have no idea but all hell apparently decided to break loose. My phone went bonkers, everyone was having a meltdown, people were driving like idiots, company was coming over and the only one I really wanted to hang out with had to go to work, reality had definitely set back in with a vengeance!

Once the dust seemed to settle and I got my guy off to work, I was heading home to work on my computer and maybe some Christmas stuff when I get this message to turn around because they were not working after all! Now I am all for a quiet evening together at home but I had to find somewhere to turn around and get safely go back and get him before we could do that, and the idiot drivers on the road were not working with me to do so. However tailgaters, and downpours, and freezing winds were no match for me and finally we made it home for a relatively quiet night.

I am hoping for a quiet day but it’s early and anything could happen. It’s supposed to snow today and I for one hope it does. Other than maybe all the kids I think I am pretty much the only one who is hoping for snow. I think maybe I should do a snow dance!


Our Wreaths for this year!


My Daughter’s Accident


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