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Happy New Years!

This year is going to be good, I just know it! Full of firsts and new beginnings! I am not going to make any huge new year resolutions that I can’t keep, that is the biggest one I am making. I want to work on being a better me. I want to honor my fathers memory by living my life the best I can and building memories that will last so that when my day comes I can leave knowing I did the best I could with my life! I want to help my family be better so that I know they will be able to handle anything that life may throw at them. We are fighters and survivors and so I don’t doubt we will be just fine in the end. I want to teach them by being an example and I can only do that by working on me and being the best me I can be.

That is it no great New Year declaration, I wish all my loved ones and friends all the best in the new year and it is with a hopeful spirit that I look forward to the new year!



I am a new blogger learning how this all works. My kids are all grown and so now I am finding new ways to fill my time. I look forward to sharing my writing with all of you!

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