Well #5 on my bucket list is to do 50 acts of random kindness. After much time and thought I came up with the following 50 things for my list. When I am ready I will pick one item a day for 50 days and put that act in motion. I am excited to get started on this.

My 50 Random Acts of Kindness

.1. Leave a simple note of encouragement on a random car in a parking lot.

2. Take cookies or something special to the local fire department.

3. Pay for the person behind me in drive thru

4. Discreetly tuck $10 into the corner of a package of diapers

5. Leave a bottle of laundry soap at the laundromat with a note

6. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.

7. Go to the Dollar store and pick out some color books and other fun stuff and donate it to        the local hospitals pediatric ward.

8. Put sticky notes of encouragement on restroom mirrors.

9. Bring books, magazines, and other fun stuff to the local senior center.

10. Leave a copy of a book you love with a note for the next reader somewhere to be found.

11. Load extra change in a vending machine.

12. Do something nice for my spouse.

13. Do something nice for a neighbor.

14. Leave an umbrella somewhere with a note “use this to stay dry”

15. Do something special for the local librarians

16. Make a few “nice” bags to carry and hand out to homeless people I may talk to.

17. Let someone in line behind me go first.

18. Do something nice for the staff at the local ER.

19. Talk to a homeless person and have a real conversation.

20. Donate supplies to the local animal shelter.

21. After doing laundry leave some quarters for the next tenant to use.

22. Put together a small herb garden for someone.

23. Donate all my change to a charity.

24. Connect people in need to resources or other people who can help.

25. Walk the cart back to the front of the store for someone.

26. Notice a well-behaved child? Be sure to give the parents kudos.

27. Come to the rescue of someone in need.

28. Offer to babysit for someone for free, this includes fur babies.

29. Drop change on the ground for others to find.

30.Give a gift card to a random stranger.

31. Make cards for nursing home residents.

32. Take magazines, word-finds, pencils, and other stay busy stuff to drop off in local                    hospital waiting rooms or doctors waiting rooms.

33. Make a homemade gift for a random stranger.

34. Thank our service men and women I see out and about.

35. Decorate tissue boxes or hand sanitizer and give them to nurses.

36. Leave a special note in a library book.

37. Do something nice for the landlord.

38. Buy a meal for a homeless person.

39. Take my siblings kids so they can have some time off.

40. Take a CPR class.

41. When I come across a cool 2 for 1 deal donate or share the freebie with someone                        random.

42. Help a stranger who is struggling with something.

43. Do something nice for an elderly neighbor.

44. Donate unused things to goodwill or some other thrift store.

45. Donate used cell phones, and accessories to survivors of domestic violence programs.

46. Create a holiday to celebrate someone special in my life.

47. Put 50 smiley faces in a box with notes of encouragement on the back and hand them              out to random people.

48. Hold open doors for others.

49. Stop to help a stranded motorist.

50. Stop and give someone at a bus stop the fare for their trip randomly.


I have this list to work on we will see how this goes. I will keep you posted!



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