Update on my bucket List….

I have been working on the bucket and found a few more that I wanted to throw in the bucket. I am sure it will continue to grow so I will just keep adding to it. I have a lifetime to do all this right. Here are the new items on the list…

31. Take a bar-tending class

32. Send a message in a bottle

33. Cover someone’s car in post-it notes

34. Participate in a zombie walk

35. Wear a shirt that says life on it go out around town and hand lemons out to people

36. Help solve a crime or a mystery

37. Write my will

38. See the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live

39. Take glass blowing lessons

40. Start Geocaching again

While I was going over my Bucket List and adding to it I realized that there are a lot of cool things that I have done in my life already. I sat and wrote a list and I will share that list in another blog so look for that.

I mailed my first postcard out for the post-crossing site that I joined to work on #30 of my list which is to get a postcard from every country. The postcard went to Spain. Hopefully soon I will start getting some postcards of my own in the mail.

Hopefully everyone is well and ready to have a great weekend!


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