Bucket item #7 is to ~ Try 15 types of ethnic cuisine.

I sat down and made a list and then figure out what ones on that list I have already tried and what ones I still need to sample.

  1. German food*
  2. Chinese food*
  3. Thai food*
  4. Russian food*
  5. Spanish food*
  6. Greek food*
  7. Italian food*
  8. Caribbean food
  9. Polish food
  10. Korean food*
  11. Hawaiian food
  12. Vietnamese food*
  13. Indian food*
  14. Samoan food
  15. Moroccan food

I have not tried Caribbean food, Polish food, Hawiian food, Samoan food, or Moroccan food yet. I am looking forward to trying them out!

The ones listed below are the ones I have tried…..

*German food~I have had sauerbraten, sauerkraut, jaegerschnitzel, black forest cake, german potato salad, landjager, streusel, and various deserts.

*Chinese food~I have had chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour everything lol, egg rolls, wontons, kung pao chicken, stir fried veggies, dim sum, hot and sour soup, egg foo young, and many other dishes. I love Chinese food.

*Thai Food~I have had Noodles Pad Thai, bubble tea, Thai tea, green curry, red curry, yellow curry, Northern Thai Lap, sticky rice, and various other foods. Thai is another favorite of mine.

*Spanish food~I have had tacos, burritos, gorditas, chalupas, chimichangas, chorizo, enchiladas, flautas or taquitos, nachos, and a million other things.

*Greek food~I have had Greek salad, Tirokafteri, pita bread, tiropita, gyros, and various cheeses and deserts.

*Italian food~I have had bruschetta, salami, ministroni, ciabatta bread, focaccia bread, calzones, pizza, lasagna, maccaroni, ravioli, rigatoni, spaghetti, ziti, cannelloni, fettuccine, and many more Italian foods because they are another that I really enjoy.

*Korean food~I have had bulgogi, kimchi (I hated it), Galbi (marinated short ribs), Girn or toasted salted seaweed, hotteok is brown sugar filled pancakes.

*Vietnamese food~I have had spring rolls,/ fried rice, orange sesame balls, vietnamese noodle soup otherwise known as Pho

*Indian Food~I have had chicken tika, chili chicken, kheema, medu vada, samosa, aloo tikki, mango chutney, pakora/bhaji, biryani


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