There are many things in life that we are taught or that we think to be true that really tend to hold us back from truly being free to be happy and enjoy our journey through life. There is no manual for life and it’s not always black and white, and once we change our mindset about these things it frees us up to truly be happy.

There is such a thing as normal and we should measure our lives against it.

It really is hard to define “normal” when it comes to people’s lives. In life normal is different from person to person. When we finally realize this and learn to be okay with our own person “normal” life becomes simpler. Be yourself and don’t let someone else dictate what is supposed to be the “normal” in your life because that is only something that you can decide for yourself.

Happiness in life comes from things in our life.

When you only look to find happiness from the material things in life then you will never truly be happy. The material things in our lives can easily be taken from us in the blink of an eye leaving you unhappy and feeling empty without the “things” that we believed would make us happy.

True happiness can only come from inside of yourself. It is found when we change our mindset and our hearts. When we learn to love ourselves, learn to be thankful, and learn acceptance then our minds and hearts are right and we become truly happy.

Forgiveness is only for the sake of the one who has wronged you.

Forgiving others will allow you to let go of anger and resentments that weigh heavy on your heart and not leaving much room for joy and happiness. Also, when we hold on to this weight for a long time the anger and resentment eventually turns us into angry, resentful, and bitter people.

Be slow to anger and quick to forgive which keeps your heart free to be filled with love and happiness!

It matters what other people think of us. 

In life we waste much of our precious time and energy worrying about what others think of us. Time and energy that we will never get back. In truth we really don’t know for sure what another is thinking of us, we only are making assumptions on their thoughts. We judge ourselves harsher than anyone and so, because of this, many times the thoughts of others are worse in our minds than in theirs.

What matters the most is what you are thinking about yourself. When you think positive about yourself and worry about keeping your thoughts positive that allows you to love yourself and you find yourself realizing that it really doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about your life because they are not the ones who are living it, you are.

Success only has one definition.  

Society has defined success in life as having the best paying career, the biggest house, expensive cars, a gorgeous body, marriage, kids, and fancy family vacations. For many people they believe this definition of success and work so hard in life to achieve it that they don’t really have the time or they are too tired to enjoy it. However, people are all very different individuals and so what one person may see as success another may not and that is okay. 

We each have our own dreams in life and goals that we set for ourselves to achieve what we view as success. When we allow ourselves to do what is right for us and find our own version of success we become happy and that is when we can truly begin to live life to the fullest everyday.

You have to know all the answers to life’s questions.

More and more young people are pushed early on to grow up faster than ever before, as a result many of us believe that by the time we turn eighteen it means we are now adults and so we are supposed to have life all figured out. We think that our lives are just going to fall into place and we are have picked the correct path for our lives because the quiz from career week in high school said that was the path we were best suited for. 

The thing is as we grow and change and learn about ourselves, our path in life also changes. We discover strengths and weakness and develop passions for things that often shows us a new path to take that suits us better. When we find these new directions that our life can take and allow ourselves the freedom to explore these paths we learn the we don’t have all the answers and it’s okay. Also life likes to keep you on your toes and more often than not just when you think that you have life all figured it out it will change on you again.  

Doing what you love is least important in life.

Many people go through life with a “no pain, no gain” attitude. They believe by giving up the things they love and sacrificing their happiness will gain them an abundance of happiness and fulfillment in the future. 

The thing is when you remove the happiness and enjoyment in life now that doing what you love creates you are left with an emptiness inside of you that is filled with unhappiness and nothing to look forward to in your day-to-day life. You have to allow yourself to be happy and do the things you love throughout all of life’s journey. Otherwise when the “future” finally comes you are stuck in such a deep rut of unhappiness that you never get to be happy doing the things you love.

You have to be perfect.

As hard as anyone tries they will never be perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections it’s what makes us human. Once we learn to accept that life is imperfect and it’s okay we can be free to enjoy our life as it is and be happy!

You can’t give yourself a break.

Many of us feel as if we always have to be on top of life and never make mistakes. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy because no one is harder on us than ourselves. 

Relax, breathe, and be okay with the bumps in life’s road. It is okay if you don’t get your to do list finished or all of your errands ran, they will still be there tomorrow. Give yourself the okay to stop and take a break. Enjoy the little things in life that come your way and the little moments that cross our path that are just meant to simply just “be” and that give us the break we didn’t realize we really did need.

You have to be in control at all times.

You are only one person and there is only so much one person can fit on their plate at once. Relax, slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment that you are in. Be happy with the here and now of your life because the future is still going to come and it always seems to sort itself out. Not everything in life is in our control, things will come up that we have no control over. When this happens just remember to take that calming breath and know that this to shall pass and you really will be okay just going with the flow of life. 


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