33. Cover someone’s car in post-it notes

Well I think this one was successful to say the least and was pulled off perfectly! My victim of choice in this adventure ended up being my youngest brother who works with my boyfriend, and they just so happened to be working just a mile down the road give or take from our house. The plan hatched out of a way to get my daughter out of her mood funk she was in that day. I was telling her about my bucket list and it just so happened that number #33 came up just as we were passing my brother’s truck on our way home, and that is when it came to me….I could enlist my kiddo in the aid of a post-it note attack to be launched on my poor unsuspecting brother and his truck.

My partner in crime!


First we had to run home and arm ourselves with pens, pencils, and of course post-it note pads. After a few minutes we were back in the truck and laughing as we planned out our attack. It was so perfect because my brother had parked across the street from the building he and my boyfriend were painting inside of blissfully unaware of the attack that was about to take place. My brother’s truck was so perfectly parked that we were able to park right next to it and we didn’t even have to try to be sneaky.

It took us about twenty minutes of rapid fire writing and sticking the bright pinks of our weapons of mass destruction about his truck and our mission was successfully completed. Next we headed home and waited for the aftermath! My poor brother came out of the building that night and couldn’t figure out if his truck was glowing or if he had just inhaled too many fumes from the painting he had just done on the building that night. Once he was close to the truck he clearly knew that yes his truck was glowing and it wasn’t the paint fumes at all, and that he now had to pull all those sticky notes off his truck while trying to puzzle out who could have done this! It didn’t take him long, after all we have had a life-time of back and forth pranks between siblings! It was great fun and I couldn’t have asked for it all to have fallen more perfectly in place!



Mission Complete!

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