will only make you stronger right? Well damn I should just about be able to bench press a 747 by now. I told you that my writings were all going to be about life and keeping it real and I wouldn’t be real with you if I didn’t have bad, down, or off days to write about too. I am still feeling things out and figuring out my little corner of the blog world, but I know for sure that I will always keep it real with you.

That leads to my whole bad attitude confession this morning. I always try to find the light in every day even if it is just the fact that I am still alive. I try to stay positive and strong for the most part, but everyone is entitled to a little bad attitude now and then and this is mine.

I don’t want to do anything but throw myself on the floor and have a good old-fashioned temper tantrum over all these things that the powers that be keep piling on my plate, um hello stop or give me a platter to hold it all because this plate is not big enough! I keep trying to tell myself all the words of wisdom I can pass on to everyone else but I am just not listening!

I know I am just having a moment and that this all too shall pass, but damn! I could write a list that is a mile long about all the issues but that won’t solve anything. I now find myself working through my own advice searching for that one bit that I can hold on to while I am riding this shit storm out!

You see when you are having days like I am you can’t just give up, it won’t solve the problems only make them run crazy wildly out of control while you wallow in your woes. I guess that is what I hang on to as I work through all of the issues I am facing today. I know that this will all pass and that as long as I am actively working to sort it all out I am slowly moving through the storm of life raging around me. I just need to remember that instead of moping around and burying myself in bad attitude as I wait for the storm to pass, I need to be actively finding solutions and I need to just keep on dancing right through the rain!



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