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10 Tips to Getting Through Tough Times!

We all have ups and downs in life. Times where things are going great and we feel like we can take on the world, and times that are tough and we feel like things are impossible to overcome. It would be great if there was an easy button to get us through the tough times in life, but since we all know that there is no such thing as an easy button here are ten tips to getting through the rough spots in life.


This is most often easier said than done but it is very important because there is power in positive thinking. A positive attitude will not only help you make it through those tough times in your life, but staying positive while navigating through rough waters will help you become a better person in the long run.

Staying positive will help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and no it’s not a freight train! If you stay positive it helps you know that this struggle too shall pass and that you can come out as a victor and not just a victim of life’s circumstances.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you will never have a bad day, it will just make it easier to pick up the pieces and start moving forward through life again.


When you find yourself going through tough times it is easy to get stuck in a negative rut. This is when you need to count your blessings and take inventory of the good things you have going for you in your life. Sit down and write down all that you are grateful for, all the good in your life. This helps you see that this tough time will soon work itself out and it is not the end of the world like it seems. When you can see all of the good going on in your life written down, it is not quite so hard to get through the tough situation you are facing at the moment in your life. 


Stay focused on the things going on in your life that you have control over instead of all the things you don’t. There will be things that come up that no matter what you do it won’t make a difference because you have no control over it.

When you find yourself struggling through tough times it helps to sit down and make a list of the things in your life that you have control over and focus on those things, if you can’t put something on your list as being under your control then let it go. 


Sometimes we focus so much on the road ahead of us that we forget to remember the roads we have already traveled. 

When you are struggling sit down and make a list of all of your accomplishments and it can be a boost to your confidence to see all of your achievements listed in front of you. Doing this allows you to shift your focus off of what you feel are your failures and shortcomings and focus on the positive of all you have accomplished in life and of all you have already overcome.

Give yourself a break by realizing all you have already done and all you have already been through in your life and come out on top of the situation. Seeing all of your achievements in life listed in front of you is a helpful reminder that you have come this far through so much and even though times are tough at the moment, this too shall pass and you have already come so far and you still have many roads in life yet to travel.


Having the right people around you for support is also very important. You should have people in your life for support who are loving, caring, honest, and available.

You need caring people around you for support because your support system of people needs to care about your well-being as much as you do. Loving people in your life is important also because even the darkest of days are easier to get through when you are shown love and feel loved. When you feel loved and cared for it gives you extra strength to keep your chin up and see the light in your life.

You want the people who are your support to be honest because sometimes you need someone to look you in the eye and tell you the truth about your situation and how it is. Sometimes that straight forward honesty is what you need to put things in perspective and get you past what may otherwise seem like an impossible situation.

Making sure your support team is available is important too. You need to know that when you call them or need them that they will actually be there for you. Many people have good intentions but you need someone who is actually going to be there for you and not just say they will and then never are. 

Having people around you for support who can understand what you are going through, or who can relate to what is going on in your life is helpful because then you can find out how they made it through the situation and then when possible take that knowledge and apply it to your own life. This will give you yet another tool to use when you are faced with the many bumps in the road we must overcome in life.


Sometimes we find ourselves in bad situations that are caused by other people’s actions. When faced with situations like this it is easy to let ourselves become angry and resentful towards those people. Instead of focusing on those negative thoughts and feelings you may have towards them, forgive them. Forgive them not because they are sorry or deserve it, forgive them because it is better for you own peace of mind and well-being. When you forgive them it allows you to accept what has happened, let it go, and move forward in your life. Forgiveness allows you to take the focus off of the negativity of the situation so you can learn what you may from it and then move on with your life. 

Also remember that no one is harder on us than ourselves. Learn to forgive yourself from the mistakes you make in life, learn from your mistakes, let them go, and move on in life. Learn to forgive yourself even when you are the reason for your current tough situation, don’t be so hard on yourself. We are only human, we are going to make mistakes. Acknowledge your mistake, forgive yourself, learn from it what you may and then move forward from it. 


When you are going through tough times don’t ignore and avoid your negative emotions. When we ignore and avoid our negative emotions they get bottled up and we keep them bottled up until that bottle is so full of negative emotions that the cork pops and they come flying out in a flood of overwhelming negative emotions that run out of control.

Instead of bottling them up, face your emotions and let yourself work through each negative emotion you are feeling. Acknowledge your emotions, allow yourself to work through each feeling, and then accept that these are all part of our journey through life and that it is okay to have emotions of all kinds.


As with our emotions, bottling up things in our life that we are struggling through has a way of blowing up on us. Bottling our problems up often has a way of making those problems grow bigger in our worries and anxieties. 

Instead talk about your troubles with others so you can get positive feedback and another persons view on things. This will give you a fresh perspective on things and a better understanding of your fears about your situation.


When you are going through a crisis it is often hard to see the upside of your life. This is why it is important to stop, take a step back, take a deep breath, and give yourself a little distance from the situation. This allows you to see things in a different light and helps you to remember that this too shall pass. Remember all you have already overcome in your life and this will remind you that soon you will once again be back on your feet and moving forward in your journey through life. 


Many times during a crisis we often forget a key step in getting us through the tough times ahead of us, and that is we forget to take care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves and make sure that we are well then we are no help to anyone else. During times of crisis we often forget even the simplest of self-care basics such as eating and sleeping. 

When faced with the trying times of crisis you can do a few simple things to care for yourself so that you can be there for others. Carry healthy snacks with you to help balance out missed meals. Going for even just a  10-15 minute walk will relieve built up physical tension and help clear your mind. Meditation or even a 20 minute power nap can help to rest and reboot you mind and body when you are lacking in the sleep department or just need to regroup and reboot.

Working through a crisis or a tough situation will be easier to do when you remember to take care of yourself. Life’s problems have a way of working themselves out and everything in life will once again be okay but if you are not taking care of yourself then you will have a harder time remembering this and seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel is anything more than a freight train.

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Family Fun on a Budget Pierce County Edition.

With the cost of pretty much everything on the rise I thought I would dig around and see what kinds of things there is to do for free or next to free in my area. The following activities cost nothing or next to nothing and are good family fun. Budget running a little tight, no problem there is still fun to be had!


Enjoy a beautiful drive through old growth forest while checking out the scenic views of the Puget Sound and The Narrows Bridge at Point Defiance Park.


Take a self-guided tour through the small town of Sumner and have fun strolling through it’s many historical landmarks, and visit the Sumner Visitor’s Center located in the Old Cannery.


Do you enjoy looking for treasures. Stroll through Puyallup’s Antique District and the many antique and collectible shops it has to offer. These are located in historic downtown Puyallup.


Take a moment and go off the beaten path and have a picnic in scenic Wilkeson, Carbanado, or Mowich Lake.


Many Libraries now offer museum passes that you can check out that will get you into many area museums for free. The Puyallup Public Library, Pierce County Library, and the Tacoma Public Library have passes for the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum, and the Museum of Glass.


There are many local area beaches that are fun to explore:

these are just a few you may enjoy.


Many hear this park and think of the zoo and aquarium, but that is not all you will find here. There is also woodland trails, parks, picnic spots, beautiful gardens, Owens Beach, and Fort Nisqually.


That’s right, I said see a movie. During the summer months The Grand Cinema in Tacoma offers a free family friendly movie every third Saturday morning each month. There are only 100 seats so come early!


Nope not your standard car races, these are radio controlled cars! Check out Tacoma’s R/C Raceway on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm for various races and good family fun!


The Nature Center is a 71 acre nature preserve that offers trails, Discovery Pond, native plant nursery, and a gift shop. There are many fun programs offered here for the family to enjoy. Admission is free but donations are gladly accepted. Parking space is limited here.

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Be Prepared, Not Scared!

With all of the recent earthquake activity in the area where we live in the last week my daughter and I were having a discussion about the countless ways it seems mother nature seems to be trying to do us in. This led to the need to be ready for an emergency stemming from any number of natural disasters or disasters in general that could happen. Any disaster can be scary but being prepared can help things be less scary. Be prepared, not scared. I wanted to share just a few of the ways you can help yourself and your family be prepared for an emergency.


A basic emergency supply kit is recommended to and should have in it the following items:

  1. Water ~ You should have one gallon of water per person per day, with a minimum of a three-day supply. water is needed for drinking and sanitation.
  2. Food ~ You should have enough non-perishable food for three days per person.
  3. Radio ~ You should have a battery-powered or even better hand crank radio and a NOAA (national oceanic and atmospheric administration) with a tone alert and enough extra batteries for both.
  4. Flashlights and extra batteries
  5. First aid kit
  6. A whistle to help signal for help
  7. Dust masks, plastic sheeting, and duct tape in case of a shelter in place emergency.
  8. Moist towelettes or hand sanitizer for personal sanitation.
  9. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  10. can opener that is not electric
  11. Local Maps
  12. Solar powered cell phone charger or power inverter for the car , and a cell phone charging cord.

Some other emergency things you may want to include are below

  1. Prescription Medication
  2. Baby formula and diapers
  3. Pet food and water
  4. Cash, change, or travelers checks
  5. A water-proof portable container for important family documents
  6. sleeping bag, warm blankets, or even an emergency blanket
  7. clothing change
  8. fire extinguisher
  9. Matches in a water-proof container
  10. feminine supplies
  11. mess kit
  12. paper and pencil
  13. quiet activities that can be done with the kids
  14. Regular bleach with no additives

An idea for storage that works is buckets with lids, or even a new large size rolling garbage can with a tight lid. These usually have handles making it easy to grab and move with you if needed.

Also remember the climate in your area and plane accordingly with that. If you live in a cold area remember warmth, if you live in a hot area think cold.


Already having an emergency plan put together makes it easier for you to focus on putting that plan into motion and leaves less room for panic because you will already know what needs to be done. Make sure to include the entire family when coming up with your plan that way everyone is included and will know what to do if the time comes to act fast and safe. Everyone will have a part in getting through an emergency safely and together.

Know what natural disaster risks are possible in your community and surrounding areas that way you can come up with a plan that will be able to be put into motion to cover any number of different disaster that could happen.

Remember your family emergency plan should include what to do in an emergency whether you are at home, work, school, or any other various places in your community you may be. Also know where to meet should anyone get separated from the rest of the family.

Every family member should have assigned responsibility in an emergency and know what it is so you all work as a team, things will go much smoother this way. Also if everyone has an assigned responsibility and is handling that it keeps the focus on that and makes avoiding a panic that much easier.

Coming up with the plan is only part of being prepared. Practice makes perfect, and if you make a plan but to practice it then when an emergency does arise family members may be less focused and more panic and then forget the plan. With practice everyone will be confident in their role and make it easier to quickly do what needs to be done to ensure safety for everyone.


Many emergencies or disasters can separate families and loved ones when they need one another the most. The Red Cross has a registry to help you let loved ones know you are safe.



phone: 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767)

If you need to you may pick more than one contact and you should choose one in your state outside of your community and also one out-of-state if possible. When trying to find loved ones after a disaster or emergency be persistent and don’t give up, keep trying.

  • call in off-peak times
  • text, sometimes a text may get through when calls fail
  • check social media
  • email
  • leave notes on local bulletin boards
  • check shelters, hospitals, and etc.

These contacts also give loved ones one person to call to check on your well-being and allows you to stay focused on the matter at hand and not on the off the hook ringing of your phone. This person can be told where and how you and your family are to ease other loved ones concerns.


Have a designated meeting place in case of separation or if you are not together when a disaster happens. Always pick both a community meeting place and a regional one. Meeting places give you a place to reconnect outside of home if needed.


Know each escape route from your home and if possible you should have two escape routes from each room. Know how to get out of your home quickly, and pick a spot outside away from the house to re-group. If your home is more than one story investing in escape ladders will give you a safe way to escape out a window on the second floor if your way down to the first floor is blocked.


Ordinary things in your home can be additional dangers so be aware of what these might be ahead of time.

  • secure heavy items on lower or bottom shelves
  • shelves, tv’s, grandfather clocks, bookcases, and water heaters should be secured to the walls.
  • don’t hang heavy pictures and mirrors about beds
  • store flammable things away from the house when possible

Paying attention to where possible home hazards in your home are and securing them could save lives should an emergency or disaster happen.


Taking first aid and CPR classes is always a good idea, then you are properly trained should the need arise for either of these in an emergency. Learning first aid and CPR now could save someone’s life later.


Pets are family too, so plans need to include their safety, care, supplies, and well-being too.


Remember, having your family sit down together and come up with an emergency plan is only part of being prepared. In order to ensure that your family knows the plan well in case of an emergency, and that they don’t forget their tasks if you should have to put your plan in motion, practice your plans regularly. Practice ensures that the plan is well-known by all.

I hope these are helpful in your own emergency planning! Good Luck!



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Bucket List #33

33. Cover someone’s car in post-it notes

Well I think this one was successful to say the least and was pulled off perfectly! My victim of choice in this adventure ended up being my youngest brother who works with my boyfriend, and they just so happened to be working just a mile down the road give or take from our house. The plan hatched out of a way to get my daughter out of her mood funk she was in that day. I was telling her about my bucket list and it just so happened that number #33 came up just as we were passing my brother’s truck on our way home, and that is when it came to me….I could enlist my kiddo in the aid of a post-it note attack to be launched on my poor unsuspecting brother and his truck.

My partner in crime!


First we had to run home and arm ourselves with pens, pencils, and of course post-it note pads. After a few minutes we were back in the truck and laughing as we planned out our attack. It was so perfect because my brother had parked across the street from the building he and my boyfriend were painting inside of blissfully unaware of the attack that was about to take place. My brother’s truck was so perfectly parked that we were able to park right next to it and we didn’t even have to try to be sneaky.

It took us about twenty minutes of rapid fire writing and sticking the bright pinks of our weapons of mass destruction about his truck and our mission was successfully completed. Next we headed home and waited for the aftermath! My poor brother came out of the building that night and couldn’t figure out if his truck was glowing or if he had just inhaled too many fumes from the painting he had just done on the building that night. Once he was close to the truck he clearly knew that yes his truck was glowing and it wasn’t the paint fumes at all, and that he now had to pull all those sticky notes off his truck while trying to puzzle out who could have done this! It didn’t take him long, after all we have had a life-time of back and forth pranks between siblings! It was great fun and I couldn’t have asked for it all to have fallen more perfectly in place!



Mission Complete!

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What doesn’t kill you..

will only make you stronger right? Well damn I should just about be able to bench press a 747 by now. I told you that my writings were all going to be about life and keeping it real and I wouldn’t be real with you if I didn’t have bad, down, or off days to write about too. I am still feeling things out and figuring out my little corner of the blog world, but I know for sure that I will always keep it real with you.

That leads to my whole bad attitude confession this morning. I always try to find the light in every day even if it is just the fact that I am still alive. I try to stay positive and strong for the most part, but everyone is entitled to a little bad attitude now and then and this is mine.

I don’t want to do anything but throw myself on the floor and have a good old-fashioned temper tantrum over all these things that the powers that be keep piling on my plate, um hello stop or give me a platter to hold it all because this plate is not big enough! I keep trying to tell myself all the words of wisdom I can pass on to everyone else but I am just not listening!

I know I am just having a moment and that this all too shall pass, but damn! I could write a list that is a mile long about all the issues but that won’t solve anything. I now find myself working through my own advice searching for that one bit that I can hold on to while I am riding this shit storm out!

You see when you are having days like I am you can’t just give up, it won’t solve the problems only make them run crazy wildly out of control while you wallow in your woes. I guess that is what I hang on to as I work through all of the issues I am facing today. I know that this will all pass and that as long as I am actively working to sort it all out I am slowly moving through the storm of life raging around me. I just need to remember that instead of moping around and burying myself in bad attitude as I wait for the storm to pass, I need to be actively finding solutions and I need to just keep on dancing right through the rain!


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10 Ways to Gain Success in Life

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but not everyone knows how to achieve that success. Here are ten tips that can set you on the road to the success you seek in life. 


Everyone knows the definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, or attaining prosperity. In order to be successful you first need to learn what success means for you. You can’t measure your success against that of someone else because just as everyone lives different lives, each person’s achievement of success is personal and not going to be the same as the next person in life. If you don’t know what your own personal definition of success is and what it means for your life then you will not ever be able to achieve true success in your life. 


Sometimes in life we get so okay being stuck in the mediocre ruts of life it holds us back from achieving true success. Life has no easy button so stop waiting for one to appear. If you want to succeed take the path less traveled and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get a little dirt on your hands.


When learning to swim you don’t just jump into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. You start in the shallow end and work on the basics and work up to the deep end of the pool and being a strong successful swimmer. Being successful in life is the same, start by setting and achieving small goals and work up to bigger goals, that way you aren’t setting yourself up for always failing and you see that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself in life. 


Writing things down puts it there in front of you to see in black and white. Having a journal gives you another tool to keep track of what is going on in your life and writing your plans and goals down in your journal and keeping track of your progress on them daily gives you a black and white personal accountability of your successes and setbacks on your road to success. This puts the responsibility for your life’s success in your hands where you are accountable for it.


Knowledge is power in life. You can never learn too much about anything in life and the only dumb question is the one not asked in my opinion. Knowledge gives you the tools and power to achieve the success you want in life. Know one person knows it all, life is always changing and so just when you think you have it all figured out life will quickly show you that you don’t. Educate, educate, educate!


Nobody has a perfect life. Every person in life has ups and downs that they must go through, and is part of how we learn our greatest weaknesses and strengths. Always remember for every dark valley you enter in your life to cross there will be an equally high and sunny mountain to cross. This will be the time in life when it is good and seems like the road is sunny and the future is bright, but remember that the dark valleys will come and it is during the darkness we walk through in life that we become the strongest! Even those who seemingly have perfect lives have dark times they must go through. 


While working towards our success is important and we have to keep on top of our goals to reach success, remember to stop and make some time for fun in your life too. If you don’t allow yourself to have a little fun and not feel guilty about it, when you do reach the point of success in your life that you have been working for, you won’t know how to enjoy the successful life you have worked so hard for and there will have been no purpose for your hard work and success.


Learn that when life becomes overwhelming it is okay to take a step back and just live to get through each day. Sometimes it is okay for your goal at the time to just get through the day-to-day of life that week, and when the day is still to overwhelming then allow yourself to be okay with taking life one moment at a time. Soon things will work themselves out and you can work on the bigger goals again. Just tell yourself that this is okay and does not mean you are failing, it is just life’s way of saying you need to slow down a bit and not push yourself so hard to reach the finish line. 


Lying is the worst form of disrespect you can show someone in life. It will not help you on your road to success and only slows you down. Most often in life the one we are most guilty of lying to the most often is ourselves. Lying to ourselves is the biggest form of disrespecting our own lives. Don’t lie to yourself about your happiness in life, your finances, your health, lifestyle, anything n your life big or small. When you are honest with yourself you will have more self-respect, love, and trust in yourself and your life choices. 


When you only complain about the things in life that you are not happy with you are just being passive in your life and it will go nowhere. Taking the steps to find the solutions to your problems and finding answers is taking an active and aggressive role in your life. It is your life and only you can make the choices that are right for it. 


Coming up with goals and plans for your life are just the beginning steps towards success. If you don’t take action on those goals or put plans into motion then you will never have more in your life than daydreams and wishes. To achieve success you must make plans and set goals and then take action in life to reach them. It is after all YOUR life, and only you can choose the direction YOUR life will go.

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Common Misconceptions About Anxiety.

As someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I know that I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. As many people do I turned to the internet to help educate myself and found many helpful things about anxiety out there, I also learned that there are a lot of things out there about anxiety designed to lure in people who are desperate for answers. The one thing that I do know is that in order to understand what will work best for you and help others understand anxiety, first we need to get rid of some common misconceptions right off the bat.


All of these things may ease some of your anxiety symptoms but it will not cure an anxiety disorder. Educating yourself, talking to your doctor or a counselor, and learning what works best for you will make you anxiety manageable in your day-to-day life.


While your family and friends have the best intentions and are trying to support you in the only way they know how, in the long run this often does more harm than help. When you are always being removed from stressful situations, you really end up holding on to your fears rather than facing them. Instead it is more helpful for your support team to encourage you to work through your anxiety and face your fears and doubts. 


Yes in our lives there are some things that may make us a bit nervous or anxious, being anxious is a natural reaction to some things in life. However, an anxiety disorder is anxiety in the extreme and it causes disruptions and impairments in a person’s life and it is a very real illness.


Yes stress and stressful situations are part of life, and everyone has some stress at some point in time. Having an anxiety disorder is not stress. Anxiety affects your whole life, from waking moments to sleeping moments. Anxiety will affect your health, it can give you feelings similar to a heart attack, dry mouth, nausea, headaches, stomach problems, weight gains and losses, and many other things. Anxiety is an illness that can cause you to have panic attacks and prevent sleep, it can seriously take over your life. If you think that you suffer from anxiety don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or a counselor about it, anxiety is manageable if you get help.


Even if you and your sister were both diagnosed with the same specific anxiety disorder, your symptoms could and most likely would be different. Anxiety symptoms are different from person to person.


In the United States anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental illness with as many as one in five adults suffering or being diagnosed with some form of an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. 


NO….this is the same as saying “no worries it’s just a broken leg” and thinking that leg will heal itself. We all know that is not going to happen, it doesn’t mean the one who broke their leg is weak. It only means they need a doctor’s care to be strong again. Those with anxiety disorders can manage their symptoms and most can handle their business just fine!


As much as anxiety sufferers would love for there to be a magic pill that will instantly fix the disorder for them, this is not going to happen. Often finding the right medication is a trial and error process and once the right medication is found you have to build up to a therapeutic dose. Also for many medication alone is not the answer and other therapy is often done alongside the medication.


Many people with some anxiety disorders are not trying to be rude at all. They simply cannot handle crowds, a lot of noise, and new situations and people in general for long before it overwhelms them. They are doing the best they can so please be understanding and compassionate.

In life you never know what another person is going through and so always try to remember that just like you may have things going on in your life that make things a little harder, others have things going on in their lives too. That person who you crossed paths with that seemed like a jerk might just being having a bad day so don’t take it to heart. 

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10 Myths About Life That May Be Holding You Back!

There are many things in life that we are taught or that we think to be true that really tend to hold us back from truly being free to be happy and enjoy our journey through life. There is no manual for life and it’s not always black and white, and once we change our mindset about these things it frees us up to truly be happy.

There is such a thing as normal and we should measure our lives against it.

It really is hard to define “normal” when it comes to people’s lives. In life normal is different from person to person. When we finally realize this and learn to be okay with our own person “normal” life becomes simpler. Be yourself and don’t let someone else dictate what is supposed to be the “normal” in your life because that is only something that you can decide for yourself.

Happiness in life comes from things in our life.

When you only look to find happiness from the material things in life then you will never truly be happy. The material things in our lives can easily be taken from us in the blink of an eye leaving you unhappy and feeling empty without the “things” that we believed would make us happy.

True happiness can only come from inside of yourself. It is found when we change our mindset and our hearts. When we learn to love ourselves, learn to be thankful, and learn acceptance then our minds and hearts are right and we become truly happy.

Forgiveness is only for the sake of the one who has wronged you.

Forgiving others will allow you to let go of anger and resentments that weigh heavy on your heart and not leaving much room for joy and happiness. Also, when we hold on to this weight for a long time the anger and resentment eventually turns us into angry, resentful, and bitter people.

Be slow to anger and quick to forgive which keeps your heart free to be filled with love and happiness!

It matters what other people think of us. 

In life we waste much of our precious time and energy worrying about what others think of us. Time and energy that we will never get back. In truth we really don’t know for sure what another is thinking of us, we only are making assumptions on their thoughts. We judge ourselves harsher than anyone and so, because of this, many times the thoughts of others are worse in our minds than in theirs.

What matters the most is what you are thinking about yourself. When you think positive about yourself and worry about keeping your thoughts positive that allows you to love yourself and you find yourself realizing that it really doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about your life because they are not the ones who are living it, you are.

Success only has one definition.  

Society has defined success in life as having the best paying career, the biggest house, expensive cars, a gorgeous body, marriage, kids, and fancy family vacations. For many people they believe this definition of success and work so hard in life to achieve it that they don’t really have the time or they are too tired to enjoy it. However, people are all very different individuals and so what one person may see as success another may not and that is okay. 

We each have our own dreams in life and goals that we set for ourselves to achieve what we view as success. When we allow ourselves to do what is right for us and find our own version of success we become happy and that is when we can truly begin to live life to the fullest everyday.

You have to know all the answers to life’s questions.

More and more young people are pushed early on to grow up faster than ever before, as a result many of us believe that by the time we turn eighteen it means we are now adults and so we are supposed to have life all figured out. We think that our lives are just going to fall into place and we are have picked the correct path for our lives because the quiz from career week in high school said that was the path we were best suited for. 

The thing is as we grow and change and learn about ourselves, our path in life also changes. We discover strengths and weakness and develop passions for things that often shows us a new path to take that suits us better. When we find these new directions that our life can take and allow ourselves the freedom to explore these paths we learn the we don’t have all the answers and it’s okay. Also life likes to keep you on your toes and more often than not just when you think that you have life all figured it out it will change on you again.  

Doing what you love is least important in life.

Many people go through life with a “no pain, no gain” attitude. They believe by giving up the things they love and sacrificing their happiness will gain them an abundance of happiness and fulfillment in the future. 

The thing is when you remove the happiness and enjoyment in life now that doing what you love creates you are left with an emptiness inside of you that is filled with unhappiness and nothing to look forward to in your day-to-day life. You have to allow yourself to be happy and do the things you love throughout all of life’s journey. Otherwise when the “future” finally comes you are stuck in such a deep rut of unhappiness that you never get to be happy doing the things you love.

You have to be perfect.

As hard as anyone tries they will never be perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections it’s what makes us human. Once we learn to accept that life is imperfect and it’s okay we can be free to enjoy our life as it is and be happy!

You can’t give yourself a break.

Many of us feel as if we always have to be on top of life and never make mistakes. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy because no one is harder on us than ourselves. 

Relax, breathe, and be okay with the bumps in life’s road. It is okay if you don’t get your to do list finished or all of your errands ran, they will still be there tomorrow. Give yourself the okay to stop and take a break. Enjoy the little things in life that come your way and the little moments that cross our path that are just meant to simply just “be” and that give us the break we didn’t realize we really did need.

You have to be in control at all times.

You are only one person and there is only so much one person can fit on their plate at once. Relax, slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment that you are in. Be happy with the here and now of your life because the future is still going to come and it always seems to sort itself out. Not everything in life is in our control, things will come up that we have no control over. When this happens just remember to take that calming breath and know that this to shall pass and you really will be okay just going with the flow of life. 

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Bucket List Simplified!

As you all have seen I have been working on my Bucket List. A bucket list is a list of goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. Every person’s list is different and personal. They can be extreme or they can be simple, they can have things on them that cost a lot of out-of-pocket money to achieve or they can be free lists! There is no right or wrong here, it is simply what you want to make it. There is nothing to big or too small to go on the list, the important thing to remember is that once you create your list you need to work on your list. Don’t just shove it in a desk drawer or somewhere to collect dust. Work on it everyday. Make plans to start on the long-term goals, and put the short-term goals into action. You can break the list into categories if that helps. Here is a list of categories that may be helpful.

  1. seasonal categories (summer, winter, spring, fall)
  2. yearly category
  3. by age category (20’s, 30’s, 40’s)
  4. travel
  5. relationships
  6. career
  7. financial
  8. entertainment
  9. adventure
  10. contribution
  11. family
  12. health
  13. education
  14. creativity

Be realistic in making your list. Don’t add things to the list that are really going to be impossible to achieve. Set deadlines and work on your list so that it doesn’t become just another thing that you started with good intentions. This can be a fun experience for you and give you something to work on in your life that will make you feel good about achieving. It won’t just be the same old mundane of life and bills and work, it will give you something else to look forward to and work towards.

These lists can be made up of things that are totally free and don’t cost you anything to do. They can be lists that the whole family can participate in, the sky is the limit. You can add to your list or you can delete from your list and no one will send out the bucket list police to bring you in. As you grow and change as a person your list will most likely grow and change too. You are in charge and as I said before there is no right or wrong when it comes to your individual bucket list. Keep it real, and have fun with it! Anyone can do a bucket list!

I started my list because it was something I had always wanted to do but never thought I could or had time for. I always thought things on the list had to be big things, like visiting the Great Barrier Reef or something extravagant like that, and if that is something you want to put on your list that you think you will be able to accomplish then go for it. I found out though that I could do a bucket list of things that I would love doing that would not cost hardly anything. I created my list to be fun and challenging and do some good things for others in the world around me. I work on my list a little bit everyday, and I have loved working on it and sharing with others my progress.

I hope that all of you will make lists of your own and if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to share with me your experiences. I would love to hear them. Bucket lists are a fun way to work on some life experiences while we are on our journey and to achieve what might seem impossible and meet some pretty cool people along the way!



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Bucket List #7

Bucket item #7 is to ~ Try 15 types of ethnic cuisine.

I sat down and made a list and then figure out what ones on that list I have already tried and what ones I still need to sample.

  1. German food*
  2. Chinese food*
  3. Thai food*
  4. Russian food*
  5. Spanish food*
  6. Greek food*
  7. Italian food*
  8. Caribbean food
  9. Polish food
  10. Korean food*
  11. Hawaiian food
  12. Vietnamese food*
  13. Indian food*
  14. Samoan food
  15. Moroccan food

I have not tried Caribbean food, Polish food, Hawiian food, Samoan food, or Moroccan food yet. I am looking forward to trying them out!

The ones listed below are the ones I have tried…..

*German food~I have had sauerbraten, sauerkraut, jaegerschnitzel, black forest cake, german potato salad, landjager, streusel, and various deserts.

*Chinese food~I have had chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour everything lol, egg rolls, wontons, kung pao chicken, stir fried veggies, dim sum, hot and sour soup, egg foo young, and many other dishes. I love Chinese food.

*Thai Food~I have had Noodles Pad Thai, bubble tea, Thai tea, green curry, red curry, yellow curry, Northern Thai Lap, sticky rice, and various other foods. Thai is another favorite of mine.

*Spanish food~I have had tacos, burritos, gorditas, chalupas, chimichangas, chorizo, enchiladas, flautas or taquitos, nachos, and a million other things.

*Greek food~I have had Greek salad, Tirokafteri, pita bread, tiropita, gyros, and various cheeses and deserts.

*Italian food~I have had bruschetta, salami, ministroni, ciabatta bread, focaccia bread, calzones, pizza, lasagna, maccaroni, ravioli, rigatoni, spaghetti, ziti, cannelloni, fettuccine, and many more Italian foods because they are another that I really enjoy.

*Korean food~I have had bulgogi, kimchi (I hated it), Galbi (marinated short ribs), Girn or toasted salted seaweed, hotteok is brown sugar filled pancakes.

*Vietnamese food~I have had spring rolls,/ fried rice, orange sesame balls, vietnamese noodle soup otherwise known as Pho

*Indian Food~I have had chicken tika, chili chicken, kheema, medu vada, samosa, aloo tikki, mango chutney, pakora/bhaji, biryani